Version 2.0

Tutti Plus

  • Introducing Tutti Plus: A one time purchase to import an unlimited amount of scores

Edit Score

  • You can now edit a score’s metadata with the ability to add many types of fields including: Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Film, Game, and more!

  • The new Edit Score Screen includes a button to preview the first page of the score; helping users add metadata that is typically displayed at the top of the first page

  • Group scores by metadata like Composer, Arranger, or Soundtrack

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues related to the squeeze gesture on Apple Pencil Pro

  • Fixes an issue in which the app would crash while multitasking in the Manage Setlist Screen

  • Fixes an issue in which deleting a score could cause associated setlist ordering to become incorrect

  • Fixes an issue in which scores were being sorted by letter case sensitivity

  • Prevent a user from having two scores with the same name

  • The exit reader button is now much easier to tap

Other Changes

  • You can now filter by folder when adding scores to a setlist

  • The library has a refreshed look

  • The search bar in the library has been moved to be closer to the scores that are being searched

  • Your Tags will now appear as folders

  • The Auto Lock toggle has been renamed to Auto Dimming

  • Updates to the default pen and marker annotation colors

Version 1.1.1

Apple Pencil Pro Support

  • Squeeze on Apple Pencil Pro to bring up a contextual menu to quickly update your annotation tool and color

Theme Enhancements

  • The reader interface now reacts and updates to dark mode when reading in the dark inverse theme

Version 1.1

Theme Controls

  • Conveniently adjust your device brightness right in the reader
  • Toggle on or off auto-lock while in the reader
  • New sheet reader theme mode: Set your reader to light, Sepia, or inverted (Dark)

Reader Improvements

  • Swipe left or right to jump to the bottom or top of a page when reading in landscape orientation
  • Improved animation when opening and closing a score

Performance Improvements

  • Page turning responsiveness and animations are now much smoother especially on older iPad hardware

Initial Release

Version 1.0

Tutti makes it’s debut on the Apple App Store!

Tutti’s initial release comes packed with features, giving musicians the ability to view, organize, and markup their scores.

  • import pdf based scores from your iPad’s existing files
  • swipe or scrub through your scores using intuitive gestures
  • Organize your sheet music into collections with Tags
  • Search your library for a particular score
  • Build and manage setlists for your recitals and performances
  • Markup your scores with pencil and marker tools
  • Adjust the preferred color and size of your markup tools